Jakeman’s Maple Brie Rolls Appetizers

Indulge in Gourmet Bliss with Jakeman’s Maple Brie Rolls Appetizers! 🧀🍁

Are you ready for a culinary adventure that combines elegance with a touch of sweetness? Try our delightful Jakeman’s Maple Brie Rolls—perfect bite-sized wonders that will elevate any gathering. Here’s how you can create these flavor-packed appetizers:



  • Begin by cutting your brie into even, bite-sized cubes.
  • If you love the crunch, chop up some pecans for that added texture.
  • Unroll your Pillsbury Flaky Rolls and lay them out in a muffin tin, creating a perfect base for your rolls.
  • Start the layering process by placing a cube of brie in each roll, followed by your chosen fillings. Add pecans for a nutty crunch.
  • Time for the savory touch! Spoon a dollop of bacon marmalade onto each roll, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite.
  • Sprinkle fresh rosemary to add a fragrant herbaceous note to your rolls.
  • And now, the pièce de résistance! Drizzle Jakeman’s Pure Maple Syrup generously over each roll, creating a harmonious blend of sweet and savory.
  • Bake at 375 degrees for approximately 10-15 minutes, or until the rolls turn a delectable golden brown.


Get ready to impress your guests with these mouthwatering Maple Brie Rolls. Serve them warm, and watch as the delightful combination of flavors dances on their taste buds! 🌟🍴