Bake with Pure Maple Syrup

Did you know that Maple Syrup can be used in baking? Yes, it’s a great topping for pancakes, crepes and waffles, but its use doesn’t stop here!

Find out now what Maple Syrup is and how you can use it in baking.

Maple Syrup is made from the sap of maple trees, typically in cold climate by tapping the trees by drilling holes into their trunks and collecting the sap. Thereafter, the water from the sap is removed by evaporation procedures in order to obtain the concentration needed. This is how you obtain a healthy ingredient that can be used in multiple purposes.

Today, we are learning how to use Maple Syrup in baking recipes!

Why bake with Maple Syrup instead of sugar? Well, it’s healthier and you can benefit from the vitamins it contains.

Then, how do we bake with Maple Syrup?

Well, the substitution from sugar to Maple Syrup isn’t difficult, there are only a few things we need to consider before we get started. These things are:

We need to be careful when we do the replacement, because Maple Syrup is sweeter than sugar. Typically, we would use only 15% quantity of Maple Syrup compared to the sugar quantity. If your recipe requires you to use 100g of sugar, you will only need 15g of Maple Syrup.

Remember to take out three tablespoons of liquid from the recipe, as Maple Syrup is in liquid form. You can also reduce the liquid from the milk as another solution. If you normally use one cup of milk, try using half.

Maple Syrup caramelizes at lower temperatures than sugar, you’ll want to reduce your oven temperature by 3 degrees Celsius.  

This is it! Now you can safely use Maple Syrup in your recipes and impress your family and friends with the new, healthy flavor!

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