Jakeman's Golden Tickets

Introducing Jakeman's Golden Tickets!

We are very excited to announce a new activity in our store!  You have the opportunity to find these Golden Tickets!

Jakeman's Golden Tickets

Starting this week we will be hiding one of these golden tickets in our Maple Gift Store in Beachville.

Customers will have the chance to try and find the golden ticket...it could be under a syrup bottle, behind a box of cookies, amongst the bags of maple popcorn! Who knows! It will be a very fun game with rewards!

If you find the golden ticket you will receive a free maple product displayed on the back of the card. We will be hiding one card per week, and if nobody finds the card for that week it will carry on to the next so it's possible to find more than one as time goes on. We will announce when cards are found to keep you updated for the week.